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Gallaeria Teixeira coordinated and hosted a VIP Dali member progressive tour of Downtown Clearwater. The tour kicked off at Galleria Teixeira  with Mayor Cretekos welcoming everyone. The event was truly a success!  Galleria Teixeira featured TBSOPA members

Jose Gomez
Mark Rodriguez
Samantha Jane
Christa Joyner Moody
Patricia Bauvelt
Michael Trefry
as well as Leandro Gongora
Astronaut Nicole Stott
and celebrity photographer, Dick Zimmerman.

This event was organized as a grassroots effort by many entities.

There is, however, an organization that deserves distinctive mention and that is the Tampa Bay Society of Photographic Artists, led by Jose Gomez and his team. This nonprofit organization was responsible for most of the art displayed at Galleria Teixeira and have been showcasing their works in downtown Clearwater for almost 2 years now. Dozens of artists from their organization have invested a significant amount to produce works for display in our exhibits and their board has been active in setting up, curating, and promoting those exhibits. They have donated their talent, time, and resources at the infancy of this art imitative. Through countless exhibits and events they have truly put Cleveland Street and the current art scene on the map.

Enjoy a photographic recap of the event

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