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Lina's Latest 2/16/2018

The Purge continues to be a success. Art Lovers are loving the name your price silent auction process.  Galleria Teixeira has sold 18 art pieces to date !  A heartfelt congratulations to both artists and art buyers alike!!!  The Gallery will end the Purge Silent auction this February 23rd.  There are still dozens of beautiful pieces available!  

Galleria Teixeira will also participate in This Months Blast Friday. The three blocks of Cleveland St. will be filled with live music, Art, vendors and food truck! 

I had the pleasure of directing two shoots, one rebranding a client and another, an addition to my shoe collection!  I even had the oprotunity to jump in on the action. Leandro Gongora took a quick shot of me and I love it.  Consider having your next shoot at Galleria Teixeira! You can rent the studio by the hour or allow me to direct and organize your shoot!  Tell me what you think of the shot. 

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